Hello Venus Profile

Group Info

Group Name                        :   Hello Venus (헬로비너스)
Members                             :   Yoo Ara, Yoonjo, Nara, Lime, Alice, Yooyoung
Management Company        :   Pledis Entertainment
Official Website                   :   http://www.hellovenus.co.kr/
Official Fanclub Name         :   Hello Cupid
Official Youtube Channel     :   chhellovenus
Official Facebook                :   chHelloVenus
Official Twitter                     :   chhellovenus
Official Daum Fancafe          :   HELLOVENUS

Member Profile


Name                     :   Ara (아라)
Real Name             :   Yoo Ara (유아라)
Position In Group   :   Leader & Main Vocals
Date of Birth          :   26th September 1992
Star Sign                :   Libra
Height                    :   167 Cm
Weight                   :   47 Kg
Blood Type            :   A
Hobbies                 :   Writing Lyrics & Composing Music
Specialty                :   Vocals, Acting & Japanese
Me2day                 :   Hellovenus_Yooara
Misc. Information   :
·         Winner of the me2day Search for After School’s 9th Member in 2010
·         Went to Seoul Music High School and graduated 2 years early
·         Majored in vocals
·         Sang the chorus for the 1st Happy Pledis single, “Love Love Love” & was featured in the track as well as MV for Happy Pledis 2012:“Love Letter”
·         Former Pre-School Girl

Yooara, the leader of Hello Venus, is also the group’s main vocal. She boasts an angelic voice which can move the hearts of many. Even before her debut, Yooara received much spotlight for being the finalist in the audition for the next member of After School. In 2012, she was featured in the Happy Pledis album which brought the public’s attention to her voice. The hidden charm behind her beautiful and calm voice makes the crowd fall head over heels for Yooara.”

Yoon Jo

Name                    :   Yoon Jo (윤조)
Real Name            :   Shin Yoon Jo (신윤조)
Date of Birth         :   14th December 1992
Star Sign               :   Sagittarius
Height                   :   165 Cm
Weight                  :   45 Kg
Blood Type           :   AB
Hobbies                :   Listening To Classical Music
Specialty               :   Vocals & Songwriting
Misc. Information  :
·         Went to Seoul Arts High School
·         Majored in music & vocals (in particular classical singing, she is a soprano)
·         Featured in “Dream” (After School Vol. 1 - Virgin)
·         Former Pre-School Girl

Yoonjo, a girl filled with curiosity, is the ‘doll girl’ of Hello Venus whose lovely wide-open eyes are fatally attractive. With looks that make her look even younger than the youngest of the group, her baby face hogs all the loveliness the public could want. Yoonjo majored in vocal music and her voice smoothly reaches the high notes of Hello Venus songs. Her signature expressions are unforgettable once you see them because they are so adorably cute.”


Name                    :   Nara (나라)
Real Name            :   Kwon Nara (권나라)
Date of Birth         :   13th March 1991
Star Sign               :   Pisces
Height                   :   172 Cm
Weight                  :   52 Kg
Blood Type           :   A
Hobbies                :   Watching Movies & Playing Golf
Specialty               :   Acting & Modeling
Misc. Information  :
·         Visuals of Hello Venus

With a lean and slender figure with a petite face, Nara prides in her perfect proportions that could mesmerize the whole world. For possessing such a perfect figure, she might be mistaken for a haughty and dollish girl. This can’t be further from the truth as she has a warm and tender heart earning her the right to represent the word ‘perfect’. Tall and beautiful, Nara shows potential for acting, modeling, and other various areas capturing much attention of the public.”


Name                    :   Lime (라임)
Real Name            :   Kim Hyelim (김혜림)
Position In Group  :   Rapper
Date of Birth         :   19th January 1993
Star Sign               :   Capricorn
Height                   :   169 Cm
Weight                  :   50 Kg
Blood Type           :   O
Hobbies                :   Swimming
Specialty               :   Rap, Dance, Creating Choreography & Writing Lyrics
Misc. Information  :
·         Went to Youngpa Girls High School
·         Former trainee at Medialine Entertainment
·         Former back-up dancer for Lee Chaeyeon
·         Wrote rap lyrics for Scotch V.I.P.’s “Finale”
·         Featured in the Happy Pledis 2012 track, “Love Letter”

Lime is the main rapper of Hello Venus. She gives you a strong first impression and leaves you with a bright and crisp afterglow. She can be both charismatic and dazzling when she wants to be, allowing her to sensibly write meaningful lyrics of Hello Venus songs containing messages out to the world. Her powerful rap gives Lime a color of her own.”


Name                    :   Alice (앨리스)
Real Name            :   Song Joohee (송주희)
Date of Birth         :   21st March 1990
Star Sign               :   Aries
Height                   :   166 Cm
Weight                  :   47 Kg
Blood Type           :   B
Hobbies                :   Playing The Guitar & Styling
Specialty               :   Computer Programming
Misc. Information  :
·         Visuals of Hello Venus

It’s as of Alice possesses the magic to take you to the fantasy world like the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In contrast to her comfortable Korean looks, she radiates unpredictable charm with an extraordinary personality and values. Also, her sweet voice is like extra sugar covering the Hello Venus songs, further tempting anyone who listens to her to fall into her fantasy.”

Yoo Young

Name                    :   Yooyoung (유영)
Real Name            :   Lee Yooyoung (이유영)
Date of Birth         :   23rd January 1995
Star Sign               :   Aquarius
Height                   :   170 Cm
Weight                  :   49 Kg
Blood Type           :   A
Hobbies                :   Hiking & Drawing
Specialty               :   Acting & Rap-Making
Misc. Information  :
     • Maknae of Hello Venus

As the youngest member of the group, she presents you with a smile whenever your eyes meet with hers. She says she is practicing her acting on looking scared and startled so that she could appear in horror movies. As the youngest of Hello Venus, she has an unpredictable yet cute side to her. Yooyoung raps along with Lime and shows off the unique charm of Hello Venus.”


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